I want to go to there.

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I can write a 5 page essay on how I don’t deserve this pimple

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All of Leslie’s compliments to Ann

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I seriously can’t even listen to one single fucking slow club song without hearing his irritatingly accurate criticisms in the back of my mind. Maybe they do suck get out of my head leave me alone

and fuck you for ruining slow club for me. They don’t actually suck at all compared to like 99% of the other music the dumb bitches at our school listen to so fuck off. 

Heath Ledger and Rose Byrne by Rupert Thorpe

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Picture of me at TCNJ SlutWalk 2013.

“I think people spend their lives trying to figure out if [Amy Poehler]’s the toughest adorable person they’ve ever seen or the most adorable tough person they’ve ever seen.” - Seth Meyers

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my six selfies

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i think about this a lot